Contactless Digital Cards. Inspire your clients, Digitally.

A Digital Card Page is the perfect alternative to paper business or personal cards. Create and customize stylish digital business cards and share them with anyone, near or far. Smart, elegant & affordable.

Digital Card


Here are a few reasons why our customers are buying our Digital Cards.

1. Share your Digital Card with Anyone

Digital business cards can be shared with anyone, anywhere. All you have to do is show your QR code, NFC Tag or send the link over email, text, or social media.

2. Different Call To Action links!

You will be able to add different calls to actions with this card. You have the buttons, small icon bar, and the page icons on the card.

3. Multiple Themes

You cab choose from 8 different themes, decide the color, add your picture or logo, products or services, gallety and more. You can alos contact our team for custom designs.

4. Empower your team

Digital business cards cards allow your team to share their professional identity in a way that better reflect your brand. 


Digital Card Pages and Bio Links landing pages are the perfect alternative to help you organize your social media traffic. 

Unique Links

Get your personal Unique Link for all your vCard.

QR Code

Get your unique personal QR code for all your vCard.

Fully Responsive

Clean UI and Compatible with all devices.


Add your happy client's testimonials.

Multiple Themes

Eight inbuilt templates for your vCard.

Portfolio Listing

Show your work experience by your portfolio.

Save & Share vCard

Easy save and share your Digital Card options.

Photo & Video Gallery

Image, YouTube, and Vimeo Gallery.

The Future is

Make Your Business Card Clickable


Our Pricing

We offer great prices, premium products and quality service for your business.

Personal Plan


Per year

  • 1 Digital Card
  • 6 Contact / Custom Fields
  • 6 Portfolio
  • 6 Testimonials
  • 6 Gallery
  • 3 Custom Sections
  • QR Code
  • Multiple Themes
  • Support

Premium Plan


Per year

  • 1 Digital Card
  • 12 Contact / Custom Fields
  • 12 Portfolio
  • 12 Testimonials
  • 12 Gallery
  • 6 Custom Sections
  • QR Code
  • Multiple Themes
  • Support
  • No Ads
  • Custom JS / CSS
  • Search Engine Indexing
  • NFC Card - provided upon subscription

Business Plan


Per year

  • 2 Digital Cards
  • 24 Contact / Custom Fields
  • 24 Portfolio
  • 24 Testimonials
  • 24 Gallery
  • 12 Custom Sections
  • QR Code / No Ads
  • Multiple Themes
  • Support
  • Custom JS / CSS
  • Search Engine Indexing
  • NFC Card - provided upon subscription
  • *Custom Domian

Add ons


Custom Plan

  • Digital Card IVR **
  • Custom Design***
  • Lead Generation 
  • Landing Page
  • Progressive Web App
  • Advertise in our Network

Frequently Asked Questions

The Digital Card is a dedicated website that has been optimized to render on mobile devices. It allows you to easily share your personal and business contact information by presenting engageable links to your social media, email address and contact number.

A Digital card page will help you provide your clients a wide range of information just a click away. We customize your digital card to link your portoflio, whatsapp, text, customized contact forms and more.

We accept payments by Paypal and Credit Cards

You can try our Digital Card for 7 days. Register today and start designing your Digital Card. Our support specialist  will be avaiable in case you have any questions.

Visit us at HostNetDirect.con and join our mailing list for future promotions

Just login into your dasboard and updat your card. You can also Just contact us at [email protected] or follow this link to open a support ticket.

*Domain Name not included **IVR service subject to fair usage charge ***Subjet to one template design

Remote Support

Your very own digital business card that you can use to brand you and your business.

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